Finaccity maze; uncertainty


Starting a business feels like navigating a maze

You will need to choose suppliers for required services such a bookkeeping and websites.

After that are offers to buy services which are probably new to you.

As a result, this will distract you from running your business.


What qualifies me to speak on this? Let’s call it the school of “Been there, done that!”

I’ve witnessed new ventures:

  • be shut down due to lack of reporting (see our Red Tape service);
  • spend 10x what is reasonable for a web presence (see our I.T. services); and
  • lack focus due to poor bookkeeping and reporting (see our Accounting  and Finance services).

As a result, I am launching Finaccity.

Our Mission

Emerging and established entrepreneurs will spend more time managing their business, instead of the business running them.

Our Goals

We will achieve our mission by providing:

  • startup assistance;
  • the fundamentals (bookkeeping & IT); and
  • value-added services (Search engine optimization, financial analytics and optimization),

at prices matched to your needs.

Our Values

We will explain what we do in a straight forward, jargon free manner.

Too many “experts” confuse people by using a (technical) language only they know, thereby using someone’s fear of the unknown to solicit a sale. To keep it polite, I will only say I am not a fan of that practice, and make a commitment to describe what we do in a manner anyone can understand.

A little about me

I am a husband, a father (making me a chauffeur), a Search & Rescuer, a regional Library board member, and an aspiring photographer.

For me, reward comes from working with people focused on delivering value to their clients. A background in finance, accounting and IT allows me to “connect the dots” on the back- office needs.








David S.