You’re an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are often characterized as being passionate, especially about helping others or working for themselves.

Very few begin this journey because they have a passion to perform more administration, accounting and I.T. (back office) duties!

That said, these support activities are critical for a successful business and need to be managed accordingly.


What we’ve observed

Most entrepreneurs are overwhelmed by choice and select services based on their stand-alone merits.

Subsequently, specialist provide these services in isolation and may not consider a complete picture of your enterprise.

Consequently, reporting and analysis can be inefficient and unreliable for understanding your business.


Our services

To address this, we offer services any emerging organization needs:

  • Finance (forecasting, cash flow, etc.);
  • ACCounting (bookkeeping, payroll, etc), and;
  • IT (Websites, email, etc).

This is where we get our name, Finaccity (it rhymes with tenacity).


Most importantly, our specialists coordinate their activities to ensure data capture and reporting is consistent.

The sooner you consider consistency in data capture and reporting the easier it will be to manage your business.


New entrepreneurs will benefit from our Red Tape services because of our assistance with business structures, licensing and permitting.

For more details and pricing, please go to our Services page.