All services are provided by CBA or IPAC certified Canadian bookkeepers*





You take care of everything

  • No employees
  • Less than 25 transactions/month
  • Record keeping is your primary concern
  • GST remittance may be required

Starting at $225 per month

Up & Comer

UpĀ  & Comer

You need to manage growth

  • Up to 5 employees
  • Less than 100 transactions/month
  • Reconciliation for a bank account and a credit card
  • Payroll services and GST remittance

Starting at $400 per month

Top Dog

Top Dog

You are now a leader in your industry

  • More than 5 employees
  • More than 100 transactions/month
  • Management of receivable and payables.
  • Reconciliation of multiple bank accounts and credit cards

Starting at $600 per month


You have a client or two and have only a few transactions per month.

Starting at $125 per month






Additional services

Personal tax returns beginning at $75.

Corporate tax returns beginning at $750.



We will provide you with electronic pay stubs, source deductions, records of employment and prepare employee T4 slips and your T4A slip.


*Our bookkeeping services provide you with a dedicated Canadian bookkeeper, with access to an experienced accountant, who will prepare your records for year-end financial statements and corporate tax returns.

If you do not already have an accountant, we would be happy to make introductions to a CPA within our network who is familiar with your business needs.

Fees are based on a typical level of service. Individual rates may vary.